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You give permission to this:

  • By completing the fields and clicking the “Send” button you give permission for an employee of the support center to take a look at your screen.
  • The employee can only see the information on the screen. And he/she can only see the information as long as you and the employee are connected to each other.
  • The employee can only point with the mouse on your screen. You must click and enter text yourself, and you are solely responsible for entering/submitting the correct information.
  • The employee has an obligation of confidentiality regarding all information that he/she sees or hears while accessing your screen.
  • You may, whenever you wish, stop the employee’s access to your screen. You do that by clicking the red button with the cross, which you see, when you are connected to the employee.
  • A copy of the screen sharing session will be saved for three months and subsequently deleted automatically. The information will only be used for the purpose of investigation in case of suspicion of misuse.

Processing of personal data