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Danish Product Contact Point

Welcome to the Danish Product Contact Point

In intra-EU trade in goods the principle of mutual recognition applies ensuring that a product lawfully marketed in one Member State and not subject to Community harmonization legislation should be allowed to be marketed in any other Member State, even when the product does not fully comply with the technical rules of the Member State of destination.

To make the mutual recognition principle fully operational, the European Parliament and the Council has adopted regulation 764/2008/EC. You can read a guide to the regulation here.

This product contact point is set up in accordance with articles 9-10 of regulation 764/2008 on mutual recognition. The contact point provides details on the principle of mutual recognition, regulation 764/2008 and the remedies generally available in case of dispute. Furthermore, an extensive searchable database of national technical rules has been set up with all rules available in English.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) has been produced and can here found here: FAQs

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Information on the database

The database contains a broad range of Danish national rules and regulations. However, it is the responsibility of the economic operator to ensure that products marketed in Denmark are in conformity with all relevant legislation.


General rules

Some national technical rules apply in general and are not related to one specific product, eg. a ban on lead in all products. These rules will not necessarily show up when searching for a specific product type. You are therefore advised to go through a list of general rules in order to ensure compliance also with these.


Read the general rules

(not product specific)

Remedies in case of dispute

In case of dispute between a national authority and an economic operator following a decision by the national authority the economic operator will have various remedies available.


Useful links

Guidance documents (non binding) on the principle of mutual recognition:

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General information:

More information on Mutual Recognition

Generel information - Mutual Recognition (EC)



You can always contact the product contact point if you have questions on Danish rules and regulations.



Questions will be answered in general terms by the contact point. For more specific questions, contact details on the competent authority will be provided.